Word template for legal briefs

Hello, I am looking for a Word template for legal briefs/statements which will include automatic numbering and all the recommanded tools from the book. Do you know where I could get such a document ?

I don’t think that a premade one exits. Even if one did, you would have to make sure that the template complies with your juris Court rules. You eventually build your own template experimenting with the tools and suggestions in the book.

For example, here is how I my civil captions:

The line spacing is set at multiple and 1.14. The Court is set at 14 pt, which might be a little big, the rest except the parties names is 12 pt and the parties are at 12.5. The title “Motion to Dismiss” is 12.5 with 30 pts para spacing before and 24pts after. My margins are set to 1.5 on the right and left. The font that I have been using is Amasis MT Pro. I don’t know how this font would rank in MB’s font rankings.
I went through like 4 different ways of formatting my caption before I found one that I liked that was minimal. The format is trial and error. If doing a brief, I recommend first line indents v space between paragraphs. If doing a pleading with numbered allegations like a Complaint, I would use space between para v first line indents, but this is subject to change based on personal preference.

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There are countless such templates, many/most of which are free—e.g., here’s one from Microsoft that functions like a form and wizard. I believe Word also has such a template/wizard built in. But @justin.thomas is correct that you’ll ultimately have to create and build your own template(s). The free offerings are very basic/generic and not designed with your particular jurisdiction’s rules, let alone personal style, in mind. As for “tools from the book,” I have no idea what you’re referring to. What “tools?” What “book?”

BTW, you might also want to look into paid document-assembly software, if you really want to embrace the automation route.

I didn’t even know that word had templates for legal pleadings lol. It would be a good start for someone with updates to line spacing, line length, etc.