Website monitoring (free or paid)

The server went down for a little while yesterday, for reasons unclear. Now that I have an increasingly large fleet of web servers—what is the cheap & cheerful way to impose some kind of uptime monitoring, so that I get notified about a server outage when it happens?

I’ve been using the free version of for a few years now and it works well.


I’ve had good luck with self-hosted tools like Uptime Kuma (GitHub - louislam/uptime-kuma: A fancy self-hosted monitoring tool), although admittedly only for toy projects. I host my uptime monitor on Pikapods ( rather than on a sibling server instance to the things I want to monitor, for some semblance of distributed monitoring.

I’ve used StatusCake professionally and had no issues with it. It works fairly well, and you can have 10 monitors on the free tier: Pricing - StatusCake

Thanks for the suggestions.

One more that I’d like to add is Better Uptime. I found it after being disappointed by many of the existing solutions and how hard they were to set up for something as simple as monitoring a website.

I also use StatusCake for monitoring servers at work, in combination with PushOver for mobile push notifications.