Using anchor points in Quadwriter

I’m considering using Quad for a project that’s not a typical prose document and has some layout needs. (It has just enough prose that I think Quad may be a better choice than pict.) Based on this old discussion:

I expected this program to work:

#lang quadwriter
`(q ([pdf-title "Hello, world"]
     [pdf-author "Philip McGrath"]
     [page-size "A10"]
     [page-orientation "landscape"]
     [draw-debug "true"])
    (q ([display "block"])
       (q ([display "block"]
           [line-align "left"])
       (q ([display "block"]
           [background-color "#ffe303"]
           [line-align "right"]
           [anchor-from-parent "ne"]
           [anchor-to "ne"])

Instead, I get this output (converted to JPEG because PDF isn’t a supported upload format here):


The fact that world. isn’t on a yellow background suggests that I’m misunderstanding something on a deeper level.

Consistent with my notice at the top of the quad docs, It seems likely either my comment from two years ago was mistaken, or the behavior of quadwriter has changed since then. I still use quadwriter for simple layouts; I would not recommend it for atypical layouts.