Recommendations for Print-on-Demand or Other Self-Publish Book Platforms

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I’m aspiring to publish a non-fiction book about lawyers, and presently believe that a Print-on-Demand self-publishing system would be the best way to supplement an online book in Pollen like Typography for Lawyers. If any of you have recommendations on a particular PoD platform, I’d greatly appreciate you sharing.

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I used Amazon KDP to print the dissertation for my university degree one year ago. I used Latex and Minion font. I live in Spain. I ordered around 10 copies for my family. The quality of the print was fine in 6 of them, but in 4 of them the letterforms seemed a bit blurry.

I didn’t complain since it was a small and a private project. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone. My guess is that it depends a lot on the place where you book is printed and shipped from. Perhaps I should have used a font adapted to withstand the worst printing conditions such Karmina. Does anyone with more expertise recommend using these kind of fonts in situations like this?

Karmina font link: Karmina Font | Try, Buy and Download | TypeTogether

When I was searching for a company to do the print, I checked Lightning Source. I didn’t ordered my dissertation with them since the shipping costs to Spain were high at that moment. However, I can tell you that the quality of their printing is fine. I have have bought several books printed by them and they just look nice.

I hope that this helps you!

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You can use Amazon KDP for both paperback and ebook. There’s another popular one —IngramSpark which is better than KDP in terms of print quality. I have been working with authors for a long time as an ebook designer. Most of them choose either one of them.

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