Ran into issue with Page Navigation Previous and Next Not derived. Error

I’m following the tutorial and up to now everything had been running smoothly until I came up to 6 Second tutorial: Markdown, templates, & pagetrees section 6.6.3.

In DrRacket my template.html.p throws an error; "template.html.p:1:0: Module Language: only a module expression is allowed, either
(module …)

#(1 6)

Then, when I try to view barticle.html the names of previous and next are not derived.

The template.html.p file won’t run in DrRacket because it is not a valid Racket source file.

As for the second error, try using an explicit pagetree file. It’s possible there’s some Windows-related wrinkle I didn’t consider.

Ok for the first point. I’ll disregard the error.

For the other thing with the pagetree,
yes I tried that as well.

I’ll try again tomorrow but when it didn’t work with the auto-generated pagetree it occurred to me to try explicitly create the pagetree and nothing changed.


I can confirm I tried the explicit page tree once more and did reset the pollen server cache.

But unfortunately the wrinkle persists.

I think you have perhaps neglected to heed a key instruction in the tutorial: “Create this file in DrRacket, save it, and start the project server in that directory.

From the image you posted, it appears that your sample pages are in the directory pageNavTut, but you started the project server in the parent directory of pageNavTut (?)

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Yes!! It works now.

Thank you Matthew for pointing out my mistake.

Lots to learn still!