Fonts un-buyable at any price

This week I discovered Huronia (review, PDF specimen, in use) and am quite in love. However, the font has been unavailable for sale for a couple of years now: the foundry is “remastering” the font, and when I asked, they declined to speculate when they might be done.

(I’ve asked politely about buying a license for the original version, and they are considering it. Meanwhile, I can’t stop thinking about it…)


  • Have you ever been smitten by a font you couldn’t have? Or, conversely, have you ever managed to (legally) acquire use of a font that was difficult to track down or obtain?
  • Does anyone know of other text fonts with qualities similar to Huronia’s?

Huronia includes many characters of pan-American languages. The designer of this font is William Ross Mills. He is also the author of Plantagenet, a font that includes many characters of pan-American languages. I think that if you aren’t able to get Huronia, you can use Plantagenet. There’s a new version called Plantagenet Novus, but it seems that the type foundry is remastering the font so it is also not avalaible for purchase yet.

As for fonts that include pan-American characters and match properly with pan-European languages made by other fonts designers, Bringhurst recommends the excellent Lucida Sans and Times New Roman (The Elements of Typographic Style, p. 116).

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