Expert Witness Report

Hello. I am curious to hear any recommendations for fonts for expert witness reports. I write reports for various types of legal cases and want them to be professional and legible. I also want my reports to stand out slightly, not too much, while remaining professional. Thank you in advance!

Hey doc802. I write a lot of medicolegal reports too. I was a rusted-on devotee to Times New Roman from the outset, though when I came across Typography for Lawyers, I loved Matt’s work so much that I took the leap and purchased his Equity fonts. The moment I applied Equity B to the report I was working on at the time, it was like a Damascus Road moment … the scales fell from my eyes and I could see! Typography was the final touch I needed to tweak to have the perfect medicloegal report template.

For mine, numbered paragraphs using square brackets, 12 point Equity B, 12 point space after each paragraph, citing/referencing per the Australian Guide to Legal Citation 4 (given I’m Australian).

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you may settle on a different format, but I hope that helps.