CSS and vertical rhythm

Is it pointless to maintain vertical rhythm in web typography? We don’t have to worry about overlaying pages, of course. But can it contribute to visual harmony?

On the technical side, it’s fairly easy to line up text and headers. However, I can’t seem to find a simple, responsive JavaScript/JQuery solution to line up images. Would anyone have experience with this?

There is a persistent urban legend in typography that mathematical techniques automatically produce successful layouts. More so among web designers — probably because CSS/JS makes it easy to specify a layout mathematically compared to a typical page-layout app.

I’ve done my part to debunk this myth with respect to the golden ratio, modular scale, and grids. In this category, I would also include vertical rhythm. Judge the layout with your eyes, not your ruler.

As for your question. I think the simplest way to make images align nicely with text is to specify their layout size by height (as some multiple of the current line height of the text, which is always available via em) rather than width (as some fraction of the viewport). Furthermore, with calc and min and max now widely supported in CSS, it’s hard to see why you’d need JavaScript to do this.

I see. Sorry for missing that. Thank you for the advice!