Creating meeting agenda and minutes on Google Docs

Hey friends,

I’ve been elected clerk of an org. that creates and retains formal minutes. The previous formatting was Times New Roman, lots of ugly boldface, underlines, italics, etc. We are going “all digital” with Google docs, so we no longer have to worry about getting as much info on a page as possible.

I’ve created a sample Google Doc so you can see it and if you’re so inclined, make a copy to play with. I need to create both an agenda and minutes.

It will be something like THIS.

I’ve experimented with various layouts - So far I have a working model with the Roboto family, using Serif for the title and Sans for everything else. Any suggestions or ideas? I’m at a loss and I just seem to be making it worse.

The goal: make everything clear, organized, and readable. Also note that many older folks are part of the org and so links are set off [LIKE THIS]. If they’re just done inline they get missed. For minutes, all links are written out because we do have to publish a printed version for the archives, but we only need to publish one printed version.