Combining two or more features of Concourse

Hello Matthew,

is it possible to easily combine two or more features of CONCOURSE without formatting each of the characters individually?

For example: I would like to use both “alternate uc M (ss04)” AND “alternate lc a (ss11)” in my document. Up until now I set ss11 for the whole document and then I used the search-and-replace feature to look for every uppercase M. This is very cumbersome…

Is there an easier way? (I am using Microsoft Word)

Unfortunately no. Microsoft Word only allows the selection of one stylistic set at a time. Nobody knows why. Stylistic sets are not supposed to be mutually exclusive. In any other typesetting program that supports stylistic sets, you can apply as many as you want simultaneously.

That’s too bad. Thank you for your quick reply though!

If you know Word, then you can rapidly learn to use Libre Office Writer (formerly Open Office Writer).

Libre Writer allows the use of multiple OpenType features, e.g., true smallcaps, stylistic alternates, etc., via a point-&-click interface.

Thank you, Jim!

Sadly, my proprietary lawyer software strongly encourages the use of Microsoft Word. I would sacrifice a lot of ease-of-use if I switched to another word processor.

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