What you all think about this LoveFrom Typeface?

I happened to came across this company called LoveFrom, which is actually a company of ex-Apple designers, who have created a font to use for themselves. There is an article about this font, you can check it out: After Apple, Jony Ive’s LoveFrom is doubling down on craft in typeface.
What you all think about this typeface?

They have created Serif font which they tried to bring their values into the font. For example, you will see this in the article that since they like “continuous-curvatures” instead of sharp corners, they have implemented this on their font. So you will never see sharp corners on their letters or anything.

There is a typography designers in their team, his name is Antonio Cavedoni. He has a website, in that website he has used a very unique typeface, something I’ve never seen. At the bottom, it’s said that the typeface is of “LTR Principia designed by Erik van Blokland”. You can check its website here: https://cavedoni.com .

Update 1: @Michael.Anhar has mentioned the website where you can check this font and even buy it: LTR Principia: a headliner variable font for tight spaces by Letterror Type

Update 2: Now when I was checking MBType fonts, the Heliotrope is similar to this font (LTR Principia).

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It looks very Baskerville-esk to me. Nice. I look forward to reading the full article you cited.

If you’re interested in licensing it—it looks like it’s only available as a variable font—then you can buy it at the designer’s website, LettError Type (click the little shopping bag toward the top of the page, not the Buy-LTR-Principia button at the bottom, which takes you to another site that I can’t make heads or tails out of, even after translating it).

Yes it is, but they have modified it. It’s an interesting way how they implemented some ideas into their typeface.

Good eye. I was going to mention that myself. They’re both wedge typefaces.

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Ohhhh that’s what they are called !

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:slightly_smiling_face: Yes. Wedge serifs, to be more precise.

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Did you read the whole article? Some things I don’t understand so I started reading The Elements of Typographic Style.

I did finish it, yes. Many things in it resonate with me. As for The Elements of Typographic Style, I’ve only skimmed it, though it seems to be a rich if esoteric resource. A free older edition is posted here, if you or anyone else is interested.

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