Space After Headings With Line Numbering

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I practice a lot in courts where pages are required to have line numbering, and my law partner and I are having a dispute we need resolved by the experts here: what is the optimal way to deal with line spacing of headings, and after headings, in documents with line numbering? Spacing headings as normal can throw off the line numbering or force extra white space with the next line, but spacing headings the same as text (and together with the line numbers) can make it hard for the reader to separate heading from text. Which is preferred? Examples are attached.

I strongly prefer the (a) matching spacing in your first example, (b) no underlining of headings in your second, and (c) no right-justification of text in your first.

Thanks for the feedback! Helpful data.


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You’re welcome. I should’ve added I also much prefer the use of Century Schoolbook in your second example over that of Times New Roman in your first.

Thought of another one: When a heading constitutes a complete sentences, I prefer to write, format, and capitalize it as a complete sentence. I find such headings much less choppy and far easier to read, understand, and recall.