First-Line Indents and Font Mixing

In that case, @mbutterick, please excuse my misattribution and accept my apologies and appreciation.

Are you referring to Capito? You should know that the bold styles aren’t style-linked—i.e., every time you want to make something bold, you’ll need to select that style from the font drop-down menu (if you just click bold, you’ll get a simulated bold, which looks awful). This designer says he doesn’t like style-linking in general, so I’m surprised he style-linked the italics styles, but he did, so that’s good. But he didn’t do it with the bold styles, at least if his trial version of the fonts are any indication. You could always email him to see if he’ll do it for you, maybe for an extra but nominal fee (it takes like 5 min. to do). It’s also something anyone can do very easily using a font editor, but this may or may not be permitted under the license agreement, I don’t know. So you’d have to ask him about that too—if he’d let you do it if he’s unwilling. From the little I’ve seen of it, this typeface is really, really nice. I myself might get it. And you thought you didn’t have an eye for this.

I should have said I have an eye in training for this lol. He has his email listed on his website for questions. I will email him and ask if the bold is style linked and if not, can he style link it for me.

Are you familiar with two-column document formatting. I like the look of doing contracts in this format or, at least, learning how to do it. My struggle is getting the line length correct. I have attached a screenshot as a reference.

First, in a contract where the terms are all numbered, does the 45-90 characters (with spaces) only apply to the main para numbers or to the main para numbers and all sub-para numbers independently.

Line length is also confusing because in the screenshot posted the first line in para 1 is shorter than the first line in para 1.1. I know this is due to the word owner dropped to the next line in para 1, but does this matter if, after doing the alphabet test the line length is within the range? Also, when I do the alphabet test in para 1 the line length is 3 characters shorter than it is with the sentence shown in the screenshot.

Any formatting tips to get good line length when formatting this way?

Any thoughts you can give @mbutterick would be appreciated as well.

You might be overthinking it. Forget about your paras for a moment. Just go to a blank line in your column (however big you’ve decided to make it), and start typing:

“abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrs ….”

If you can fit 2–3 lowercase alphabets on just that one line (spanning the column), then the column width is on point. It’s analogous to a maximum speed limit—it doesn’t mean every car on the road always has to go that maximum; it just means they shouldn’t exceed it. So the suggested line length determines the column width. It doesn’t demand you make each line of text the full length of that column.

If you can’t fit 2–3 alphabets, then you’ve got some tweaking to do with the column width, margins, font size, and/or even font (e.g., you might need to use a condensed or compressed font, or as a last and inadvisable resort, set the character spacing in word to condense the font).

Thank you. I definitely was overthinking it lol.

You’re welcome. Been there myself (many times). :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, I did pay for Capito and have been loving the result. It is kinda an adjustment to hit the bold style v control B on my Mac but you do see a difference esp with bold. Control B looks more smudged if that makes sense v the true bold made by a font designer. My next step is to buy @mbutterick fonts. Now I know why you buy multiple to use them for diff purposes. However profess fonts are the way to go.

Glad you’re adjusting to and enjoying Capito. I actually emailed Jan Fromm (the designer) and asked about his plans for future updates. He replied that he intends to add small caps, tabular figures, arrows, and some symbols, probably early next year and/or in the spring. He also predicted a price increase along with the update(s), though you of course will get free updates, as you already own a license. I neglected to ask him about style-linking the bold styles, so if you happen to ask him, please let me know his answer; I’m curious.

I emailed him about style linking and got no reply. I wanted to buy before the price went up because there were still features missing base on update notes. $100 based on other prices for prof fonts was a good deal considering I don’t have a use yet for small caps and other missing features.

I’m surprised. I just emailed him again and asked about it myself. I’ll let you know what he says.

How dare you say such a thing? :smile: No, but seriously, just wait till you do have a use for them—you won’t be able to do without them. At the very least, you could use the tabular figures, which you said you preferred over the oldstyle figures, if I remember correctly.

Yes. Except now I like the old style figures for all numbers now except for numbered paragraphs. For some reason, they look better than they do on a free font.

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In that case, trust your instincts. BTW, I heard back from Jan, and he says he’ll likely include the bold style-linking in the upcoming update(s) b/c multiple customers have asked for it. Incidentally, you might want to check your spam folder for his reply to your message—I suggest this because the first time he replied to me, his message ended up in my spam folder, so that might’ve happened to you as well.

Thank you for the info. I looked, and his response was in my spam like you said. He did offer to email me a style-linked version; however, I told him that I could wait since I have adjusted to using the style. Still was nice for him to offer.