Double Spacing Adjustments?


I’m preparing a writing sample for grad school applications. Many schools ask that the writing sample be double spaced. I’m wondering what changes should take place in terms of margin size, indentation, or anything else, when required to make a document double-spaced. Is there a revised recommendation for how many characters should go on each line? Thanks!

So for double spacing in Word use “exactly 24 pt.” if 12 pt. font which most school papers are. If using a diff font size just double it with the “exactly” setting. In terms of margins 1.5" right and left gives you a 45-90 character line length with 12 pt font, but this depends on the font use.

Here is my recommendation: Set your right and left margins to 1.5" and type: “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz” and if you can do 2-3 with the third breaking somewhere before the third “z” you are fine. I like it to break at the “m.” That is right in the middle of @mbutterick recommended line length of 45-90 characters with spaces.

So what number is it that is right in the middle? :blush:

I don’t understand the question. The number on line length is 45-90 characters with spaces.

Never mind, I re-read and understand. I don’t know truthfully the exact number. I just know that if the line breaks somewhere before the third “z” you are within the recommended line length. I like the third “m” just because in the book that was where the example broke lol. So, I use that as my “North Star” of line length so to speak. But, if you want a number, it is between 45-90 characters with spaces.

Sorry. I was being too cute. Half of 45 is 22.5, so the middle place between 45 and 90 is 67.5, right? But, if you think of it another way…23 has 22 numbers preceding it, and 22 numbers following to get to 45, so add 23 to 45, et voilà … 68.

So to finish off my diatribe, your third “m” is 52 plus 13, or 65.

Myself, I tend to the very next letter: the “n” is the 66th letter, and my North Star, especially since one of my favorite hockey players wore the number 66.

Also, I use MB’s Equity Text in most of my output (fiction), and at my page and font sizes, 66 just always looks “right” to me.

Again, sorry I can be so convoluted. I live a sheltered life. :slightly_smiling_face:

How do you like Equity?

I think it is a fine font that does exactly what it needs to do, for me, which is to provide a body font I own for my various projects, which almost all revolve around the written word. The MB license is sensible, so I consider buying it and Advocate, Concourse, and Triplicate excellent purchases.

Mind, I am no font expert or snob — I sneak in a very tiny bit of Comic Sans wherever I can just for fun — and I do nothing professional anymore, except putter around my little universe.

I prefer serifs for body text, and think they can be essential in many cases, since the “i or l” issue is real, especially as ones eyes age. I also spent a good deal of my early years in journalism, so a Times New Roman-like font is a familiar comfort.