Beamer (Latex presentations) themes?

Just discovered Beamer today and while the idea itself is interesting enough for me to want to try it out, the default themes are rather lacking. Curious if any of you fine folk have any Beamer themes that you could share.

Not the same thing, but a related tool for markdown rather than latex is Deckset. I have found it to be a nice what to knock together a simple presentation without being tempted to fiddle with it too much.

Sometimes it’s the right tool for the job.

Anyway, for Beamer, here’s the theme repo I’ve used:

I wish the previews were better on there, but they have lots to pick from. Which is good, because the average quality is… variable.

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Thanks for the link and for sharing Deckset. Not a mac person myself but I love what they’ve done!

I’ve been using LaTeX for the last 13 years. I was very happy with powerdot at first; so much so, that I made all my presentation slide decks with it until about 2017, all throughout my early academic career which included studies with lots and lots of math involved (so you probably understand why powerpoint was not an option).

But, in 2017 I discovered reveal.js, and, also having a background in web content creation, I quickly embraced it. And what a wonderful thing that was, too: include what you want in your slides; e.g., an interactive animation of an important concept.

So, to summarize, I invite you to add reveal.js to your discovery list :slight_smile: — you can still include math in the slides, but the way you can create your presentation will offer infinitely more possibilities than what a PDF can do.

A modern Beamer theme, Metropolis by Matthias Vogelgesang, was inspired by Matthew Butterick’s discussion of presentations on Practical Typography.

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