A Boolean font?

Has anyone seen a boolean font? I’m working on a project that uses a spreadsheet grid where the cell values are 1 or 0 with the desired visual representation is a filled or empty circle, square, etc… AND rows/columns are summed or subtotalled.

So the act of filling the grid is to type “1” but the sheet would show ⬤ or ■ and the total could be 12 for twelve-ones-in-this-row, but without resorting to forumula like “if A4 == 1: then F4 = ⬤”.

This got me thinking that a more general case would also allow for T or F, True or False, Y or N, Yes or No. This would be break the spreadsheet formula scenario I’m seeking at the moment but might be useful other places. I’m thinking of how we can change the whole feel of a webpage by changing it’s cascading style sheet basefont without touching the content at all.

I would’ve supposed that packing these glyph transformations into the font would be more painful than just working at the typesetting level (say, with a formula like you propose). OTOH there is a font called Chartwell which seems to be the maximally nerdy version of this idea.

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Whoa, Chartwell is a wonderfully cool idea and implementation. Thanks for pointing it out.